Sep 23, 2012

Pemberton: Last Night Ride of the Season

Not much has changed out on Pemberton since the last time I pedaled it (two years ago), but maybe a tad bit more sand, and this time we did it counter clockwise. Meet up with Tom and Tim along with several other dozens of people for the last Pemberton Night Ride of the Season last night, and it was a blast. They don't let ya pedal the trails at night, because it is a preserve, except for these organized rides. Pretty fun social ride. And the CCW direction led to a a das uber fast ripe down the hill. Dare I say scary fast, as I wasn't entirely sure I was on the trail at all times. My eyes could not re wet fast enough. Not a bad way to spend the evening considering I started the day paddling the Lower Salt with some utter peeps. Two adventure days rule! Big ups to Fountain Hills Bikes for the brauts and beer and stoke at the end. Here is a short video of the creepy crawlies out on the trail last night:

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