May 31, 2010

Pinal Mountain Shuttle Day

Did a little shuttle day on Pinal Mt. (Globe, AZ) today with some peeps for MTBR.

We met up in Globe at 7:30 and were basically bombing down the trail at around 9:00.

We had something like 12 riders with us, and I did three trails with 'em. First we did Ice House, then Freight Train, then finished up with Six Shooter.

Here is the shuttle pick up spot for Ice Canyon Trail and Freight Train: Kellner Canyon Rd

And here is the shuttle pick up spot for Six Shooter Ice House Canyon Road - CCC

Here is a short vid of the day (sorry the colors are kinda blown out):

And here is a slightly better quality quicktime version (note it'll take a minute or two to load up):

Tom's Thumb - McDowell Mtns May 16, 2010

Here is a little video of I put together Chollaball rolling on Tom's Thumb in the McDowells:

Here is another rather recent post of Tom's Thumb.

May 8, 2010

Mingus Downhilling

I've been wanting to ride Mingus Mt. (between Prescott Valley, Jerome, and Cottonwood) for a while now, and thanks to the invitation Helimech and others I jumped on the opportunity.

Some how we packed ten bikes and ten riders into the truck and rolled just about everything up there. Helimech did a great job of linking up several different runs together so shuttle progressed easily. Being my first time up there, it was just a blur of fun. From what I recall, we did 28th street, 110 to 533, Madness, and finished up with Maverick.

110 and 533 had a couple short uphill sections, but was probably my favorite runs. Madness was super steep and sketchy, due to the loose rock (like riding on marbles). Then Maverick was a super long run that took us from the hang glider launch had into the town of Cottonwood, and it had elements of all the the trails we road earlier.

Fun stuff, and it was nice to be in the trees again.

Here is a vid fo the day:

A higher quality Quicktime version can be found here (it'll take a few minutes to load up):

We wrapped the day with riding some 'skinnies' and here is a short video of that:

A higher quality Quicktime version can be found here (it'll take a few minutes to load up):