Feb 26, 2012

Epic Local Adventure Day (MTB and Kayak)

I pulled off another little daily double adventure day today.

It start off with techy riding on National. This was the first time I've been on Natty in about 2 months, and my fitness showed. I was able to get some pretty hardhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif moves on the climb up, so I actually surprised myself.

The descent from the pass pretty much ruled, thus wrapping up my 2 hour ride.

For adventure number two, I was a little curious to see how the flow on the Lower Salt is, since the turned the faucet on this week. I was out there last weekend doing a little organized river clean up, and the flow was literally about 5 CFS. Todays for was about 6 hundy CFS.

I dropped my bike at Phon D. Sutton Rec Area at 1:00, and then I drove up to Water User Rec Area to start my float. I was on the water at 1:30.

I was actually rather surprised how much volume 600 CFS is. The left side of the island was a little boney, but it was all good. The river at this level more fun, cuz there are a few more bumps to hit. There were a few other lean for water areas, but I only really hit bottom at Coon Bluffs, and that was just cuz I wasn't paying attention to where the channel was.

I counted 21 horses, and 3 bald eagles. Boy, there are some really big fish in there (suckers, I think).

Anycow, my 10 (or so) mile paddle took 2.5 hours. Then the 7.7 mile pedal back up to my car, took under 30 minutes. I had the kayak on the roof of my car by 5:00

Feb 11, 2012

Kayaking the Verde River again...

AAAAaaaaahhh, another super-D-duper day kicking it on the Verde River again.

I met up with the Flagstaff River Mafia (until I learn the official handshake and true name of the list, I refer to them as such) for another mild for this child float down the mighty Verde River.

It was nice not doing this solo, and not having to do a self supported shuttle up and down for todays adventure. Actually, I did this same float sans-solo with a couple of these hooligans (Gory-the Bull and SinBAD) last weekend.

These kids from Flag (plus anoth-ah from PHX) sure do provide a cheerful-good company.

Saw an eagle, hooter, and a few deer.

Here is a short video of the gnar (I humbly submit is really aint that gnarly) that was slayed:

Feb 4, 2012

New (to me) Commuter Bike - Masi Soulville

I needed a new shuttle bike, and craigslist delivered.

I did a float down the Verde today, and this bike worked perfectly.

The Masi Soulville comes with an 8 speed shimano nexus internal gear hub, and is pretty neato. I actually used all 8 gears, as there are a couple pretty steep hills on the 11 mile jaunt from Beasely Flat to White Bridge.

I dig it!

Feb 2, 2012


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