Sep 19, 2010

Sep 5, 2010

Sunrise 9/04/10

Another day at Sunrise, and it was a blast.

We had a huge group up there ripping the trails.

AZMikey and met up at DurtGurl's house and split PHX around 6:00, and rolled into the Sunrise Resort about 10:00.

This time we went up through Globe and the Salt River Canyon, and I find this route a little more scenic. But since I was driving, the scenery was a blur.

The trails were nice an tacky, but riding in such a big group led so a few more pile ups compared to last weekend. I fell of the 'log rolls' two times in a row, and pretty much wrote that feature off for the day. I was trying to do it faster, but this led to me eating it a couple times.

At the very beginning of Sticks and Stones, a fellow rider to a spill, and I ended up bailing myself. But where I went down, I landed on a some bee's and ended up getting stung twice. I didn't stick around to see if I landed on a nest or what???

Mental Note #73: I kinda like taking the little bypass route around Pine Top/ Show Low by taking the 77. It may be a tad bit more mileage, but was way more scenic and a lot less traffic.

Great day!

Here is a little vid of the day: