May 13, 2012

And more Horses of the Lower Salt...

Here is a short video of the horses found on the Lower Salt River:

May 5, 2012

Watson Lake Paddle

The Desert Mountain Paddlers planned a paddle for Watson Lake, so I finally got a chance to get on up there. It was actually a really scenic lake for as dinky as it is. I doubt I'd every head up there to paddle it again, unless I had something else going on. Actually I just so happen to have something else going on in Preskitt so I was a great trip. After the paddle and grub with some of the utter paddlers, I headed over to White Spar camground to camp with some of my friends up doing some mountain biking. The next morning, I got up and we did a most excellent group ride up Trail 4915 and Trail 396. Way fun stuff. Anycow, here is a video of the paddle: