Nov 23, 2012

FotP TwentyTwelve is in the books

I finally got my pig tail (pink yarn attached to my seat), and my pig wings. Thanks to Jim for this beatdown. It was an ahsum 11 hours of riding with buds.
 Here is a vid of the day:

And here is a Google Earth Interactive Tour/Map

And here are a few snaps:
Chollaball taking in more than just a sunny AZ day on his bike.

Nov 20, 2012

Verde River (White Bridge to Childs)

Nobody wanted to play this weekend, so my adventure started off with camping down at Childs Dispersed Camping Area. Then on Sunday I began my day off with a 27 mile self supported shuttle via my two-wheeler (3,600+ vf in climbing) at oh-dark-thirty (6:30 am and the pedal took me 3 hours) from Childs back to Camp Verde, then followed that up with 27 miles of lovely gnar on Verde River. The float started just north of White Bridge in Camp Verde (Actually I put in at friends place up river about half mile). I continued past Beasley Flats and this is where the GNAR begins. From Beasley Flats to Childs, there are atleast a half dozen class III rapids, class IV at Verde Falls, and dozens of class II for this 17 mile stretch. I ate it on Verde Rapid and on Verde Falls. The flow was only 150 cfs, so having a loaded down ducky stopped me before I fell off of those two drops. I thought I scouted my line properly, but the ducky just didn't react like my kayak. Stoopid ducky. My Gopro camera is now sitting at the bottom of Verde Falls (sorry no vid this time). I rawked 'Punk Rock' which is famous for gobbling up gnar seekers. Last night was very cold, and I had just barely enough dry clothes to keep me comfy. I put myself to bed in my ducky at 7:00 (after a solid 10 hour day of playing), and didn't get outta bed time till 6:30 this morning. And no, it was not a restful sleep; just not enough warmth and light to do much more. I put myself back on the river at 8:15 this morning to rawk some more gnar. It was glorious and beautiful country I floated thru. I made my way down river 12 more miles to my car at Childs. I am so STOKED right now, and I want more. What an amazing canyon. I got hung up several times on rocks, but I can safely say that the Verde below Beasely is a go at 150 cfs. I have been reading the Verde guide thing for a while now, and the you tips ruled: Boater's Guide to the Verde River Here is a Google Earth Interactive Tour: No video this time, but here are a few snaps: