Jul 14, 2007

Alta Trail - South Mountain Park (Phoenix)

This was my second go around on this trail. Here is a little TR of my first ride last December My First Go Around on Alta. After that ride, I had pretty much written Alta Trail off as a hiking trail. But after talking with several people, I learned that heading from West to East is the wrong way to go.

We all met up around 5:00 am, this Saturday at the San Juan Gate. I think our group totaled about 13 very solid riders. It was about 5:45, by the time we hit the trail.

Today's ride did the the East To West method, and the trail redeemed itself very well. The climb up wasn't too bad, and the views were very rewarding. The condition of the trail was little loose, but it flowed so much better in this direction. Exposure on this trail is way high, and mistakes are not allowed.

Here are a few Vids and Pics

Here are waves 1 and 2 off the first saddle:

Here is a clip of DirtGurl's aftermath:

Here are waves 1 and 2 off the second saddle:

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Jul 8, 2007

Flagstaff July, 2007

Schultz to Weathford to Ricochet to Secret to Super-moto and Exit Stage Left (I don't know what the real name of the trail is).

Oh yeah, today was a good day. Elevation had my lungs bleeding, but that was the only blood all day. Jayem and Ross roared up the trail, while Jrock and I took our time. The trails were an absolute hoot. At the bottom, I was joking about wanting to head back up, but Ross actually did head back up.

Here are a few clips.