May 26, 2007

Schultz Creek-Eldon-Flagstaff: May 2007

Schultz Creek-Eldon-Flagstaff: May 2007
Getting some wheelies in up at Flagstaff. Jrock and I split from Scottsdale around 7:00 am on 5/20/07 and rolled into the Schultz Creek Trailhead around 9:30. Where Jayem was waiting for us. This was my first Flagstaff trip, where the trade-off from the heat is riding at elevation. The trailhead starts off around 7,500' and tops out at around 9,000'. We headed up Schultz Creek for about 3.5 miles then took a right at the fence, and bombed down to the Mt. Eldon Rd. Which We rode up to the top of the Ridge to Sunrise Trail. We ripped down Sunrise through some really kewl techy section to Little Bear. Little Bear was a nice long downhill run. At the Bottom of the hill we climb back up to the top of Schultz Creek trail for our exit out.

Abineau Canyon - Crossfire Chutes: May 2007

Abineau Canyon - Crossfire Chutes: May 2007

My thermoregulatory system is getting a little confused. When temperatures hit 101, weekend before last, JrockFeltaz and I got thoroughly cooked while riding on Dixie Mine. And then this last weekend (5/5/07) JrockFeltaz suggested we headed up to Flagstaff to cool off. I should’ve take a closer look the first time around at his PM, cuz he was talking about hitting the slopes for a little boarding/skiing.

I didn’t realize that the peaks up there would still have stashes of snow, but the chutes off the Abineau Canyon trail had plenty of white stuff. In fact there was 1-2 inches of fresh snow at the trailhead. Neither Jrock or I were familiar with the Abineau Canyon trail, and it took us a while to pick our way around the debris from a gi-huge-o avalanche from 2005(?). We topped out at around 10,000’, before we had to turnaround due to some other time constraints. We didn’t achieve our goal of getting to the top of the ridge, figuring we better save it for another day.

Today (5/7/07) was that day for me. Under bluebird skies, the climb up went fast. And the decent was heavenly corn.
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TR – Humphrey (almost) 3/3/07

TR – Humphrey (almost) 3/3/07

Jrock and I headed out from the parking lot at Snowbowl w/ backcountry permit in hand at around 10:00 am as the lift area was shut down due to wind. Our goal was to get some turns in the inner volcanic basin of the San Francisco Peaks. We marched up the groomers via Wild Turkey/Logjam to the lower bowl. We then bushwacked a direct line up to the top of the ridge. The wind was honking, and throwing snow up there. The views into the basin were amazing, as the bowl was packed with snow. We then headed north along the ridge towards Humphreys Peak (12,637’), The I don’t think we made it all the way out to the true summit , as we topped out at around 12.5K above an amazing couloir. It musta been around 2:00 by the time we strapped in for the decent into the bowl. Jason wisely took a lower approach into the couloir, because where I put in was WAY, WAY ICY! I actually took a little tumble and slide down a 40-45 degree pitch, before arresting. Ice turned into wind blown crust, and crust turned into dreamy powder as we ripped turns into the basin. Plenty fatigued already, we traversed across the base bowl to just below the low point of the ridge and boot packed/ snowshoed up the and over the ridge. Sitting back on top of the ridge, the elements of cold and wind were bearing down on us, as we snapped a few more pics and prepared for the decent down throw the glades back to the resort. Today, was a good day!

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Camp Muir - Mt. Rainier: August 2004

The ski decent from Camp Muir can be done year round. The slog up the Muir snowfield from Paradise to Camp Muir is a little strenuous. Camp Muir is a base-camp for parties setting out on summit climbs.

The first picture looks into the serac of the Nisqually glacier.

Camp Muir tops out around 10,000'. From here, you will see Mt. Adam's due south, and Mt. Saint Helens to the southwest.

Flett Glacier - Mt. Rainier: July 2004

On this day, our group consisted of a Big Brother Steve, Kurt, Cory, Pete, Another Steve, his son Adam, and Robert on is split board. This is one of the most amazing places in the world, situated on the northwestern flank of Mt. Rainier.

The approach to base of the glacier is a little long, but the alpine meadows are well worth the effort. We did a couple of runs, but the by far the most exciting thing was launching onto the 'Big Face'.

It was bomber.

Providence Canyon - Georgia: September 2005

Here are a couple of pics from the State
of Georgia's alternative to the Grand Canyon. Kind of an interesting trail, but I see no need in going back. At the end of the trail, some trees grew through an old truck. Only in Georgia, only in Georgia.

Okefenokee Swamp - Georgia: August 2005

I did a short paddle in the Okefenokee Swamp. It was plenty hot and sticky in the swamp this day. I put in at Kingfisher Landing (the east entrance) and paddled down the canal, along the canoe trail. I passed several raised platforms used as shelters for overnight camping.

The portion of the swamp I was in didn't really have the dramatic cypress covered in Spanish moss, but it had plenty of drama with the man eating gators all around. I was on edge for most of the trip. I would spy two big eyebrows and snout poking through the surface of the murky water. The canals don't really route around the alligators, so you pretty much have to go over them and hope the stay down.

Diving Honeymoon Swept Away- Jamaica: May 2005

Here is a vid of us while diving in Jamaica on our Honeymoon. It was so kewl! It was like swimming a big fish tank. We did 5 dives aboard a small boat named Children's Bread, skippered by Soldier Man. Most of the dives bottomed out around 60'.

Ocean Shores - Playing in the Surf: July 2004

Here are a few pics of trip with the Mason County Kayak Club out at Ocean Shores on the coast of Washington State. We got a swim-maaahhhh! I unknowingly tucked my skirt pull where I couldn't reach it, and capsized way out there in the big breakers. No exaggeration here, but I was upside down for about 2 minutes, while I got worked by the big time surf. Phew!!! After struggling for a while, I was able to finally ram my knees through allowing me to pop off my spray skirt.

Mt. Daniel's - Alpine Lakes - Cascades: June 2004

Here are some pics of a buddy Jason, Big Brother Steve and I on our trip up onMt . Daniels. Located in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area, Mt. Daniels offers some amazing views and some sweeeet, sweeeeet turns. The top of the ridge we climbed to was about 7,900'

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