Dec 30, 2007

National - Phoenix

I met up with a big crew of MTBR riders at the ramadas near the base of Pima Canyon for a little Eve of New Years Eve ride up SoMo's National Trail. We split around 11:00 am with temperatures nearing 60 degrees. We did a little sessioning to practice climbing the big time obstacles on the way up.

Chongoman had a quite a spill on a set of gnarly stairs on a shot down hill section. He's okay, but it was a high altitude fall.

Once We got up to the saddle, I turned around and headed down, while everybody else continued on.

Heres a vid of the ride up:

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Dec 24, 2007

Black Canyon Trail: Arizona

I have been riding in other places around the valley, but for some reason my most recent posts seem to focus on the Black Canyon Trail. The trail is all connected together now, and it starts on W Table Mesa Rd, and we did an out an back to here. We basically did about 26 or 27 miles and about 3,500vf of climbing.

GeeDubb posted up a topo of what we did here and here are some more stats

I started off the ride in t-shirt and shorts, not bad for the second day of winter.

If you head out on this trail be sure to check the how fast the Agua Fria river is flowing. It is recommed to not cross this river if it is flowing more than 100 to 300 CFs.

Here's a vid of the ride: