Aug 18, 2013

Upper Salt - Horseshoe Bend to Roosevelt Lake

Allan put together a nice lil adventure, that consisted of doing a monsoon float down the Upper Salt from Horseshoe Bend down to Roosevelt Lake. The Shuttle started off by parking a car at the Roosevelt Lk RAP off of 288, and then heading back up the highway to Young Rd, and then a series of FS roads. I believe the total distance was about 27 miles of driving. It was super freaking hot, considering it was 8/17, and we didn't get on the water till about 12:00. The 13.5 mile float took us about 4.5 hours. The flow was about 400 cfs. Other than an occasional strainer, it was pretty mile class II stuff. Here is a vid of the day: Here is an interactive Google Earth Tour:

Jun 27, 2013

I am still here...

Here's a little recap of my road trip thru Utah and Colorado. Good stuff. I started my trip off with a drive from PHX to SLC, for some mountain biking. I knocked out 3 trail systems in 2 days. Trails were pretty primo. Gangi gave me a tour of the Draper Trail system, where we did a couple laps down Rush. That trail was a freaking blast. Later that afternoon I drove 20 miles or so up to Bountiful and pedal up and down Mueller trail. I was a 7 miles up and 7 miles of pure fun on the way down. Hell, I even chased a moose off the trail. Neato. Legs were tired, but day 2 took me to Park City, where I spent the day pedaling Armstrong,Mid Mountain and then up Pinecone (snow stopped me at 9,500 vf). 2 days of buff trails had me yearning for more, but my legs said the needed a rest, so I drove off to Moab. Not for riding, but for some paddling. Ya, see I had my kayak with me, and the Moab Daily Run (Colorado River) was on my to do list. Shoot it was a gnarly run, but plenty thrilling considering the riffles sponded some pretty big waves. Hell, it was flowing 8k CFS that day. I didn't stay in Moab long, cuz I had to meet up with friend in Durango, CO for some more kayaking and biking. Shoot Durango has it going on. You have the Animas River (flowing about 1,100ish CFS) and some might fine trails to ride. Day 1 we did a run down the Animas, the next day, I hope on my bike and hit the trails near the condo, and then later that day I cheered on some of my peeps doing the Animas River Days competion at Smelter Rapid. Then the last day, I did the down river race on the Animas. I was doing pretty dang good until I got sucked in by the wave on Corner Pocket. Drat! Anycown, here a couple vid's:

Mar 31, 2013

Kayaking the Salt River (Upper Canyon)

I've had a couple fabulous runs down the Upper Salt this year and here are a vids of my exploits:

Feb 26, 2013

Verde River Hohokam Cliff Dwelling

Finally found the Hohokam cliff dwellings on the Verde River. Nice, real nice

Feb 2, 2013

Tonto Crik - Jake's Corner, AZ

Nice little float with some buds on Tonto Crik today. Although I doubt I'll every float the 3 mile section between Gisela and Rye Crik. I ended upsidedown twice today, but no swims. schweet! Anycow, here is a vid of the day: