Apr 21, 2009

Goat Camp XC 04/19/09 - White Tank Mountain Reg Park : Phoenix, AZ

I road the gnar on Goat Camp a few weeks ago, and the whole ride up I was drooling all over the nice new sections of trail I hadn't been on yet. So I jumped on the first opportunity to do just the 'out-n-back' on it. This was prolly the last opportunity for me to hit this until next fall, cuz the AZ heat is now here.

Tim S. and I drove out there together, and met up with a huge group of riding buddies (like Mr. @ Mrs. Chollaball) at the Black Canyon Rd parking area, just inside the park at 7:30. It was already kinda warm, but luckily we had a breeze that kept us from overheating.

From there we pedaled the road, White Tanks Mountain Rd. to the Mesquite Canyon Trailhead.

Our group was made up of half downhillers and half out-n-back cross country riders, and we all just went at our own pace getting up there. Other than the 1/4 mile hike-a-bike at the beginning of Mesquite Canyon, the climb up is pretty easy. Except that every bend in the trail you come around, you see a whole new hill that you gotta climb. That kinda gets a little demoralizing. I believe the total elevation gain was something like 2,700 VF.

The return down was as dreaming as I thought it was gonna be. Really fast, buff trail, but you do need to check your speed, cuz the loose ground up granite/cinder inhibits stopping. Our mileage was about 17 and the total trip was a little over 4 hours of easy pedaling.

Tim S has a post of some the metrics and video here.

And here is a vid of the day (w. Google Earth Tour):

A Quicktime High Res version can be found here: Goat Camp XC 041909 w/ Google Earth Tour

Apr 8, 2009

Coyotes on Desert Classic - South Mountain, Phoenix AZ

During the middle of the week, I typically ride early in the morning, but I did a dusk ride tonight. And I was treated to a choir of coyotes on Desert Classic. The sun had just tucked behind the hill, and the howlin started to crank up. The pack consisted of at least a half dozen pooches.

Here's short vid of the coyotes: