Jan 1, 2011

New Years Day Freak Show Ride - National (South Mountain)

Chongoman organized a little ride up to the waterfall on National today to celebrate New Years Day. And in fitting course, we dawned our craziest duds. I rolled the ride in lederhosen. Guts award goes to Robert who ascended national with his duel crowned Turner in knee high boots with 5 inch heels.

Here's a little vid of the day:


John Romeo Alpha said...

What an incredible way to spend New Years and to start the year off right. The shots up on the rock with the high-heeled boots: wow.

u2metoo said...

JRA, it was a good.

The dood with the boots was pretty much hating life.

Mike said...

Sam. Thank you for the visuals. I am still laughing! You guys rock! I want in next year.

u2metoo said...

...sure thing, Mike.