Nov 12, 2007

Pass Mountain & Hawes: Arizona

I met up with a couple other MTBR riders to ride Pass Mountain (Usery Mountain Park) and the Hawes Trails system. Shaker came down from Vancouver B.C. and was rolling on the his heavy all mountain bike, and CSTuttle is visiting from Moab, Utah.

We met up at the Wild Horses entrance at about 8:30. We headed out on and up Usery Pass Road for about a mile, where we entered the park to climb and circumnavigate Pass Mountain. The wash we came in on had deep sand for about half mile, but then we tied back into the main trail. The climb up took no time at all, but as we neared the top the trail composition changed from fast cinder to dirt and head sized rocks. We took a little brake to put our crash pads on, and then we bombed down the highly technical top section of the trail. This was a blast. Way fun.

The rest of the trail flowed nicely, as we casually finished up the loop. After exiting the park the way we came in, we headed back to the cars to fill up our camelbacks. Shaker called it a day at the point, and CSTuttle and I rolled into Hawes. The kewl part about where we entered was that is starts off downhill for about 3 miles. The trail here is fast and flows nicely. We made our way around to the Hawes Trail, and at the about the 22 mile mark I was feeling pretty fatigued. Knowing I had about 9 to 10 miles back to the car I wished CSTuttle the best of luck and headed back to the car. I took it really slow as I began to feel the twinges of cramps settling in on my quads.

About 100 yards before the last major wash (Power Road Bailout)out of the corner of my eye I spotted a big white mass climbing up a rock. I hit the brakes and it blew my mind to see a silvery-white horse grazing in such a inhospitable spot. I'm hearing from Chollaball that there is a group of about 10 horses that inhabit the area near the Salt River, and frequently meander into the area I was riding.

Anycow, heres a short vid of the day:


Shaker said...

I still remember this ride very fondly and wish that I could get out to Pass Mtn more often! Hope you are well and if you're in the Tucson area we should ride together again. I moved to Tucson from Vancouver last year... rode La Milagrosa for the 1st time this weekend!

u2metoo said...

ahahahaha, thanks Shaker! That was a great day. You are in Tucson now? That rules. It aint the North Shore, but it still rules. Millie is a most excellent ride. I've gotta get back down there soon.