Jun 6, 2009

Double Bypass (short version) McDowell Mountains - Scottsdale, AZ

I posted up a last minute Double Bypass ride over on MTBR, and a four others (dirthead, DrHog, and Mr. & Mrs. dtownmtb)decided to join in on the sufferfest. Actually it was all good. The temps were really mild, and the climbing wasn't that bad, considering this was day 7 in the saddle.

We met up at Bell and 104th parking lot at, and promptly started the ride at 6:30 am.

We road up Gateway to Windgate Pass, bombed down the eastside of Windgate to Coachwhip, then tied into Dixie Mine, climbed back up Prospector to Bell Pass, and the screamed down Bell back home.

The 13.3 mile ride took about 3 hours, and had 2,200 vf of climbing.

Other than a couple of flats we had no mechanicals, but Mrs. dtownmtb bobbled on the first climb and ended up with rather gruesome goose-egg on her shim. And Mr. dtownmtb bit it pretty good on the way down Bell. I didn't witness it, but he had a few good scraps on him.

It was just a great day on the trail, and a great group to ride with.

Here's a vid of the day:

A high-res quicktime version can be found here: Double Bypass 06/06/09


frank said...

dude, you are making the best vids out there now. I got to learn how to make those google map type thingys at the beginning. Now that Anthony Sloan is no longer with us, you probably have my fav blog. Check out my site sometime. Part of it is sort of used as a preview of blogs. Weird, cause I am the only one doin it for now. But things come together. Bloggers start with rss, but anyone can post for themselves.

u2metoo said...

...thanks Frank. Man, Anthony Sloan really put up some amazing pics.

I finally logged into your site http://fat-tire.net/default.aspx . Wow, you've got some amazing details on there. Thanks.