Jun 27, 2009

Capital Forest - Greenline #6: Near Olympia, WA

Today my Big Brother Stu and I took turns shuttling/riding Greenline #6 in Capital Forest just outside of Olympia, WA. We drove up C-line and then tied into C-4000, and this lead us near the towers. I did the first run down Greenline #6, and it was sweet. The 20 minute decent took me down some primo-swopey-fast-tacky single track. The trails were in excellent shape. I really dug the berms on the switchbacks. I met back up with Stu where Greenline #6 spits out onto C-Line. It was so fun I had to do it twice.

I've ridden this trail a few times long ago on a full rigid Klein Attitude, but today I was riding Stu's Kona Stinky Dee-lux. This bike doesn't pedal, but man can it go downhill good. This was most fun I've had on a bike in long time, and I had some awesome rides lately.

Here's a vid of the day:

A high res Quick-time version can be found here: Capital Forest - Greenline #6


Anonymous said...

Sam, I rode that trail in Jan 2000 on a local group ride. Climbed up the forest road and then down Greenline 6---like you said, one of the best rides in a long time. Like Black Canyon trail(AZ), but with ferns and huge evergreens--beautiful!

u2metoo said...

Yo Robzona, yeah I that was prolly the closest trail to where I grew up, but sadly I road it a handful of times. I just wasn't really into biking that much. Really fun trail though.