Jul 12, 2009

Geronimo - South Mountain: Phoenix, AZ

Yesterday topped out around 115 degrees, so I pretty much knew today was gonna be a repeat, hence a 5:30 am start. I met up with Kort at South Mountain's 46th Street parking lot, as the sun was just coming up. The little bit of cloud cover not only provided for a nice sunrise (sorry no pics), but also gave us a couple of hours of relief from the scorching sun.

Today, I was riding the Kona Stinky Dee-Lux, and man what a workout. Both up an down. Its heavy and doesn't pedal. I'm also learning how to take such a tank down the hill. Pretty much, I just hang on and plow through the boulders. Choosing my line down like my Cannondale Prophet is really self defeating.

Anycow, Kort and I had a blast ripping down Geronimo.

Here's vid of the ride. Not super interesting as its just helmet cam footage:


FraSiec said...

nice video and blog.

Was that the same stinky you had in Washington?

All this bloggin on riding on a stinky makes me want to try one out.

u2metoo said...

Yeah, my brother wasn't riding it, so said to take it down to AZ. Sure is a different ride.