Jul 26, 2009

Black Canyon Trail - Hohokam Hilltop Fortress Ruins

Did an early pedal with Brian C., Brett, Scott and Dave today out on the Black Canyon Trail. I split from my house at about 4:40 am and met up with the single speed crazies at about 5:30 (actually I was a few minutes late), and we were on the trail at about 5:50.

It was gonna be a scorcher, hence the early start. I think we were the only people out there; pretty desolate.

From the Black Canyon City trailhead, our group of 5 nearly made to the Little Pan Loop trail junction. I've been meaning to find the Hohokam Hilltop Ruins, and so I took the opportunity to do a little solo exploring since the groups turnaround point was so close to the 1,000 year old ruins. I ventured off down the trail to road. Where the ruins are, I had been by a several times, but I was just oblivious to the ruins location. Bigrigmig, had commented on one of my earlier posts about the fortress, and there whereabouts, and armed with this knowledge I was able to locate 'em.

Anycow, here's a little video of the day:


FraSiec said...

nice video as always, but this was more than just action today.

What is the green area? Is there a stream near by?

Were you back on the prophet or riding the lead sled?

Makes me want to go out there . . . next winter.

The terrain looks somewhat like trail 8 in the phoenix mountains. Probably doable on a hard tail?

Anwyays, thanks for the post. Don't mean to question ya to death.

bigrigmig said...

Hey u2..., I haven't been on in a while but saw this. Cool that you found the fortress. Nearby is another one that makes that one pale in comparison. If we catch up sometime I'll pass it on but in the mean time it stays in my secret stash. BRM