Jun 24, 2009

Hope Island - South Puget Sound: Olympia, WA

I rented a kayak today from Boston Harbor Marina (South Puget Sound - near Olympia, WA) for little paddle around Hope Island. The $30 fee got me a Eddyline Fathom, and it was actually very, very good kayak.

I took off on my paddle at about 8:45 from Boston Harbor Marina. The skies were a little gray, but the water was calm. Due to a new moon, the tides during this week were pretty big. The expected low tide was supposed to be -4.1 feet at 1:43, and this was going to be one lowest tides of the year. With big tides come big currents, and the area I was paddling already has sections where the currents are strong.

My route was simple and took about 4 hours. I paddled from Boston Harbor around Hope Island and back.

I saw loads of bald eagles around Hope Island, so that was pretty kewl.

Here's a vid of the day:

A high res quick time version can be found here: Hope Island Paddle


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I love recording videos of my expeditions too as I believe having such precious moments captured on videos/photos enable the memories to stay with me for a very long time. I was at Gold Coast recently dropping off some stuff at a storage nearby and I managed to visit a few attractions there. The beaches were beautiful and there were many cafes that sell mouth-watering food nearby as well. Overall, it was a joyful and fruitful experience and I am looking forward to my next trip.