Jun 19, 2009

Helipad Time Trial - South Mountain: Phoenix, AZ

The 'helipad trail' is a popular offshoot trail of Desert Classic at South Mountain, and a time trial has been set up to track how fast people are riding the last .8 of a mile section to the pad. Mike, the creator of the MTBikeAZ
set up the 'Helipad Time Trial' site.

There are some impressive times being put up. I've ridden down the Helipad prolly about 100 times, but I've pedaled up it less that dozen times. I usually go up the 'Goat Trail', because I like doing it as a loop. On 6/9/09 I road up it with Dave, Elno, and Kort and logged at time of 8:15. This is less than an impressive time, and considering how haggard I was a little slower than I know I can do. I was seriously hurting afterwords, and my lungs were bleeding for days afterwords. Of course it was about 95 degrees and really, really humid. I did it again for the video below, and logged a time of 8:20, but the surprising thing is that I dialed it back a notch, so I would have some steady footage. Heck, I didn't even break a sweat or increase my heart rate, so I know my next real attempt will be much, much better. I don't care who you are, putting out so much exertion that you get anaerobic and hitting maximum heart rate is really painful.

Anycow, here's a short vid of the Helipad Time Trial:

May 22, 2009 Time: 6:54.


frank said...

I can add seconds to my site and anyone can log thier times as much as they want. Can keep it going forever too. create a special report on the front page and just add the seconds. I already log minutes and hours. This would be an easy mod to my app. http://fat-tire.net
Anyone interested let me know. I may do it for myself anyway.

MTBikeAZ said...

Sam, awesome vid of your ascent up Helipad. Makes a great promo for the TT. Thanks! Hopefully we can get a hundred riders by the end of the year...

How come you haven't sent me your time? Want me to post your 8:15?

u2metoo said...

Hey Frank you posted up before I could fill in the details. I'm just to dang slow on. My post now links to the site where people are logging their times.

u2metoo said...

Hey Mike, that I musta messed up the email. I'll send it again. That is a really neato idea of have a site dedicated to this TT. BTW, man you put up a wicked fast time, dood.

If you want, you can drop the embed code into the TT site.

frank said...

Thanks. If you don't mind, I will post your 8:15 on my site as a timed trial in your name as rssU2metoo. (the rss coming in via rss). I added the seconds to my site and now anyone can post this practice run as much as they like. Just need to get the miles set to
.8 manually and choose 'timed trial' for type of ride - if you want it to post. After registerring of course. (working on facebook interface) I also link back to this page and mtbikeaz so they can send him their best time. This is going to be fun.

Randy Harris said...

New TTs for the Phoenix Mountain Preserves, Dreamy Draw, areas now in place.



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