May 25, 2009

Pinal Mt - Globe, AZ: Six Shooter 5/24/09

Paul B. and I split from Tempe around 5:30, and meet up with Mr. and Mrs. Chollaball, Liteandfast, and Maadjurguer in Globe, AZ at 7:00 for a little pedal up to the top of Pinal Mt. and ride down Six Shooter.

A sign on the way into town said 65 degrees, heck yeah! So that meant as we climb the 4,000 vf up to the top, the temps would remain pretty steady even as the temps back in town went up for the day. We actually had a few light rain drops on the way up, but they soon passed.

The six of us organically split up into pairs according to pace,and we managed 17 mile pedal up in around 3 hours. We were only passed by one car on the way, which amazed me for a holiday weekend.

We split from the top of Six Shooter around 10:30, and bombed down some sweet, sweet trail. The recent rains left the trails in primo condition. And thanks to the trail maintenance to the doods on MTBR, we only had one downed tree to deal with.

We took our time heading down, as we played on sessioned on some of features this trail has to offer. No major mechanicals, other than a flat, and no major crashes, just a few minor spills.

We managed to get back to the car around 12:30, and the temps down there were beginning to get a little toasty. Not bad!

Great day on the trail.

Here are some past entries on rides in this area: Pinal Mt. - Six Shooter

Here's a vid of the day:

A high Res Quicktime Version can be found here: Pinal Mt. - Six Shooter 05/24/09


frank said...

nice video.

I put up a new web site over that weekend and would like to include a blurb about your story and include a link.

Check out the site at

Frank - frasiec

u2metoo said...

..thanks Frank!

chollaball said...

just rewatched this...fine piece of work!!