May 20, 2009

Blue Ridge Reservoir - 5/19/09

Seeking a little solitude, I did a little paddle on Blue Ridge Reservoir in the Coconino National Forest
yesterday. I wasn’t the only person on the lake, but I went a long time without seeing another soul. When it gets hot, this is kinda rare on an Arizona lake.

My trip started with me leaving my Phoenix home a little before 4:30 am, and three short hours later I was paddling on the lake. The lake was calm, and skies were overcast. It actually sprinkled a few times, before the clouds burned off around 12:00. I had to pull my sweatshirt out a couple times, but at 6,700 feet, the temperatures were far more comfy than Phoenix. For the most part, the water was like glass. The lake was super green today.

I began paddling at 7:30, and my six hour tour took me around every bend this lake has to offer. I began my first leg of the paddle, by heading east from the boat ramp. From the boat ramp to the end of the lake, I only passed 3 other boats. On my return, I saw a few more. Beyond the beauty of this lake, the highlight for me was when I came to end of the first major cove, I spotted three turkeys. The Tom, was super big. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any usable footage. The water level was still pretty high, so I was able to go deep into all three of the major coves.

On my return, I paddled right past the boat ramp, and decided to explore the portion of the lake west of the ramp. It doesn’t have the hairpin curves like the other side, but the shore is just as terrific. I’m easily amused, and can certainly appreciate a good set of boulders and cliffs. I was pretty shot, by the time I got down to this end of the lake, and my legs were tired of being cramped up, so I pretty much just turned the boat around headed back. I did a spot duck with a troop babies trailing behind. I got a little footage, but I pretty much left them alone, as they scurried across the narrow section of lake. Obviously I saw the obligatory osprey and heron.

Here’s a write up from my previous excursion to Blue Ridge Reservoir.

Here’s a vid of the Day:

A high res Quicktime version can be found here: Blue Ridge Reservoir


Nickle said...

I am getting ready to kayak here this weekend, any tips you have to offer?
I love your blog!

Redfender said...

Stumbling upon your website was a real treat for me. Firstly, I'm an Arizona native (well, sort of), and am writing a fiction novel set in Arizona, and the Blue Ridge Reservoir holds a very special place in my heart, and in the story. Secondly, I'm a *huge* U2 fan. And, thirdly, my birthday is May 19th - the date of your BRR blog. I thoroughly enjoyed your video...thanks so much for making it and sharing it with us!
Donna :)

u2metoo said...

Thanks Donna, best of luck with your novel. Blue Ridge is a pretty neato lake.

...and Nickle, I just noticed your post. Thanks.

Ruben said...

Hey there. I found your blog while doing some research on blue ridge reservoir. I'm planning a trip where we Kayak in, camp out and kayak out the next day. Are there any flat areas where we could setup camp? It all looks pretty steep.

u2metoo said...

Hey Ruben, there are a number of really great spots for camping. Get ya some...