May 23, 2009

GoPro Wide Format Comparison 4:3 verses 16:9

My go to camcorder is the Canon FS100. It has worked out as an great standard definition trip documentary camera. But I just added a GoPro Wide helmet mount edition to my footage grabber options.

Again it is standard definition, but it only records in the square 4:3 aspect ratio, and I like to post in a wider 16:9 aspect ratio.

Currently, I use Adobe Premiere Elements 4 to edit my videos, and they have an option to interpret 4:3 footage into 16:9 wide. It looks like they stretch the footage a little bit, so the it kinda get some distortion.

I'm not sure which aspect ratio to go with???

Here is a quick video comparison of the two aspect ratios:


Billy Befoot said...

well Sam, I like the 16:9 and Christi likes the 4:3 that ought to help...huh :]

Cheers, Billy

u2metoo said...

hahahahahaha! thanks billy

Jason oshop said...

Might be time to start thinking about a carer change.