Feb 26, 2012

Epic Local Adventure Day (MTB and Kayak)

I pulled off another little daily double adventure day today.

It start off with techy riding on National. This was the first time I've been on Natty in about 2 months, and my fitness showed. I was able to get some pretty hardhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif moves on the climb up, so I actually surprised myself.

The descent from the pass pretty much ruled, thus wrapping up my 2 hour ride.

For adventure number two, I was a little curious to see how the flow on the Lower Salt is, since the turned the faucet on this week. I was out there last weekend doing a little organized river clean up, and the flow was literally about 5 CFS. Todays for was about 6 hundy CFS.

I dropped my bike at Phon D. Sutton Rec Area at 1:00, and then I drove up to Water User Rec Area to start my float. I was on the water at 1:30.

I was actually rather surprised how much volume 600 CFS is. The left side of the island was a little boney, but it was all good. The river at this level more fun, cuz there are a few more bumps to hit. There were a few other lean for water areas, but I only really hit bottom at Coon Bluffs, and that was just cuz I wasn't paying attention to where the channel was.

I counted 21 horses, and 3 bald eagles. Boy, there are some really big fish in there (suckers, I think).

Anycow, my 10 (or so) mile paddle took 2.5 hours. Then the 7.7 mile pedal back up to my car, took under 30 minutes. I had the kayak on the roof of my car by 5:00


JacQ said...

WOW, looks like you had another awesome day. Can't wait to get out there and peddle/paddle soon. Love reading your posts.

JacQ said...
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u2metoo said...

ahahahaha, thanks JacQ.

There is a pretty good chance, I will joining the Desert Mountain Paddlers for a float down the Salt on Sunday.

Bob W. said...

Woo-Hoo! Let's go!

u2metoo said...

Totally Bob. I've got my big sister coming into town, and I think she'd dig it. Hopefully I get the Sunday plan to come to fruition.

JacQ said...

Oooo, let me check our schedule. Maybe we can join you guys on the river too. Just don't know if we are skilled enough to hit the water yet.

u2metoo said...

You'll be fine on with your skill set, many a rookie have come down the Lower Salt.

Bob W. and Ron do a most excellent job on briefing people river safety before each float.

The lower salt has a few bumps, but it is very mild.

Clear your schedule, JacQ.

u2metoo said...

I'm backing out of the Lower Salt trip tomorrow. I'm heading up north to play.