Mar 10, 2012

Lemmon Drop Jr. - Tucson, AZ

Did a little Lemmon Drop, down in Tucson, and it pretty much rule.

You aren't supposta be tired when you shuttle up about 5,000 vf, but dang it I was. I does make sense though, when you through another couple thousand feet of climbing...

Da DooDooboi, Adam and I split from my place in PHX at 7:00, and we met up with Helimech at Le Buzz (coffee shop at the base of the Catalina Mountains) at 9:00. An hour later, we had shuttle up to the Green Mountain trailhead.

The 6 hour gnar bash took us down, Greenie, Bug Spring and La Millagrosa.

No real mechanicals, utter than the clamp on my seat post is toast (rotating freely), and Adam's flat tire. I also banged my knee for the third time this week on my shifter. Ow, that freaking smarts.

Anycow, here is a Vid of the day:


Mike said...

As always, great vid sam!

u2metoo said...

Thanks, man. And thanks for putting the ride together.

JacQ said...

Wow, sweet video and sweet riding! Some pretty gnar lines you guys took. Looking forward to check out that area sometime~

u2metoo said...

Thanks, JacQ!

It is ranks right up there as one of my favorite rides.

That, and Mike, Adam and DooDooBoi know how to throw it down.