Feb 4, 2012

New (to me) Commuter Bike - Masi Soulville

I needed a new shuttle bike, and craigslist delivered.

I did a float down the Verde today, and this bike worked perfectly.

The Masi Soulville comes with an 8 speed shimano nexus internal gear hub, and is pretty neato. I actually used all 8 gears, as there are a couple pretty steep hills on the 11 mile jaunt from Beasely Flat to White Bridge.

I dig it!


Patrick said...

Sweet new ride! haha. This is Patrick from Flagstaff. It was great to actually meet you, as I've been an avid follower of your blog for quite some time! If you'd like, please check out my blog as well (http://patrickshin.tumblr.com/). It's slightly more "life/thought journal style" but includes some adventures in there as well. Happy and safe adventures!!!

u2metoo said...

Right on, Patrick! Coming down the mighty-mighty Verde river in a touring kayak, rules.

You've got a neato blog going on there.