Nov 7, 2009

Lemmon Drop - Tucson, AZ

mtbiker2u organized a ride I've been meaning to do for a very long time down in Tucson, and it is commonly known as a Lemon Drop. Basically we drove up to the 7,300 foot level on Mt. Lemon, where we found the Green Mt. Trailhead.

There were 6 of us, Evil Patrick, Evil Tracey, Turtlgerl, NoelG, mtbiker2u, and myself. We started heading down about 9:30 am, as we blasted down the trail. Mind you this is not all downhill. The 20 mile tour had some long, draining hike-a-bike sections. Although the total descent was over 7,000 feet, we actually had 2,500 feet of climbing in there. Our actual route was Green Mountain - Bugs Spring - Molino Basin - AZ Trail - La Milagrosa. We did the full meal deal, but since this trail crosses over the highway a few times, the numerous starting and stopping points allows for many options to doing some shorter rides here.

From top to bottom this trail, had some serious gnar, and steep descents. Unfortunately, my rear brake had an air bubble in it for the whole ride down. So if I wanted any rear brake at all, and I had to charge the brake up and then ride the brakes the whole way down. That pretty much sucked. And it lead me to eating it a few times at crucial times when all I was left with was a front brake.

When we got to the base of Molino, the thought had crossed our minds of skipping La Milagrosa, and taking the road back down to our cars, but we continued on. And the gnar continued on. I was surprised how fatiguing this ride was. I wasn't fully tapped or bonked, but it was what it was. And it was also a hoot.

It was about 4:30 by the time we made down to cars at the bottom of the hill.

I can't wait to get back up there again.

Here's a vid of the day:


FraSiec said...

how far is this from the peppersauce loop that everyone always talks about?

Love mount lemmon, but I've never ridden my bike out there.

Anonymous said...

Very jealous....even though I scratched the surface up in Preskit on some cool rides....this one takes the cake. Gotta get down there in the spring for sures....

u2metoo said...

@FraSiec, I'm not familiar with Pepper. Perhaps somebody will chime in.

@Maad, yeppers I'm looking forward to hitting it again during spring fling.
Greenie rawked, but it makes for a das uber long day.

Tracey said...

Peppersauce is on the backside of Lemmon, off the fire control road near Oracle. These trails are all on the front side, off Catalina Highway.

Love the video ... what a great day!

u2metoo said...

Thanks Tracey (sorry I put ya down as Tracy in the vid - but I can still correct my blawg post).

That was a great day, looking forward to rolling y'all again.