Nov 28, 2009

Six Shooter - Pinal Mt. - Globe, AZ

I needed a long grind, and I knew exactly where to find it, Pinal Mt.

I've done several posts already on this ride: Six Shooter Trip Reports, so I won't spend a bunch a time rehashing the maps and stats.

I started pedaling up the road at 7:40 and 3 hours and 15 minutes later I was at the top of Six Shooter Canyon Trail. It was boring and painful, but I didn't bonk so its all good. I've done it faster, but this time I pedaled my Giant Reign X up. This thing pedals great, but it weighs in at 37 lbs. It is slow a fatiguing.

It was overcast when I started, and really windy up on top, but when I blasted out of the the trees near the bottom the skies were blue. When I looked back up on the hill I could see some ominous clouds building.

Here's a vid of the ride:


FraSiec said...

how many bikes do you own?

Never heard about the Giant before. The stinky, the commuter bike, the Cannondale, now a Giant.

You may as well learn welding and start makin em cause they are obviously something you love.

FraSiec said...

btw, nice video once again. Even the ones by yourself are good.

u2metoo said...

My stable now consists of:

Cannondale Prophet Lefty (converted to 650B)

Giant Reign X

Kona Stinky DeeLux

Novara Buzz (converted to an Electric Bike)

I recently yard saled my Klein Attitude commuter bike. And Reign X replaced the Stinky as my goto big bike. The Stinky was a handful, to pedal uphill.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done.....brings back good memories of early summer. Was this your makeup for missing FOTP?

u2metoo said...

Yeah Maad, Between the Monstercross and Flight of the Pigs, I was feeling the need to get some sort of suffering in. You know a little sumpin about how this isn't the most entertaining pedal up, but the payoff is pretty suhweet.

u2metoo said...

btw Maad, big ups to you on getting the FOTP under your belt.