Sep 6, 2008

Pikes Place Market - Seattle, WA - 09/01/08

We had a few hours to kill before heading to the Sea-Tac airport for our flight back to Phoenix, so my beloved wife and I took a spin into downtown Seattle to dink around the Pikes Place Market.

What an amazing place. I've never been there when there wasn't buzz going on. It is a cacophony of hustle and bustle, interesting people, amazing colors and smells.

Since it was Labor Day, several of my go to shops like Delarenta and the world famous Pikes Place Fish Market were closed. World Spice was open, but I never put together a list of spices I was running low on.

We did have a couple of tasty crepes at Crepe de France.

Anycow, here's a short vid of some of the sites and sounds of the market.

A high res Quicktime version can be found here: Pikes Place Market

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