Sep 13, 2008

Phoenix Mountain Preserve - Phoenix, AZ

I meet up with a dozen or so other buddies at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve to ride Trail 100 and other variations. I don't ride up there much, but it is an excellent trail system. Its the sort of system, that is really helpful to be riding with people who know the all the little loops and offshoots that can be done. We started outta Dreamy Draw, and stuck to the west side of the 51 (Piestewa Freeway - formally known as Squaw Peak Parkway).

Everybody recognized that temperatures are slowly becoming more tolerable. And the summer storms may have changed the look of the trail to frequent users, but from my perspective the trail look pretty intact. Of course my opinion is meaningless, as much of the trail we road today was my first time on 'em. The progression of these trails flows really well, as the climbs aren't terribly demanding, and the downhills are fun and swoopy. This a pretty kewl system of trails, considering they are surrounded by major arterials and houses.

Fun day!
Here's a vid:

A high res Quicktime version can be found here: Phoenix Mountain Preserve Ride

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