Mar 16, 2008

Sedona, AZ - 3/15/08

What a great day in Sedona. I only had a chance to meet up for one AZ Spring Fling ride this year, and this one looked a little doubtful, because I really wasn’t into battling major delays expected on I-17 due to construction. Gas prices were also a little discouraging too.

But I was able to hitch a ride with Paul B.. We rolled into Sedona about 10:00 and gathered with the other riders at the IGA Grocery store Just as we came into town around 10:00, cloud layer moved in, and it was surprisingly chilly. The 17 of us got our act together and took off around 10:30, as we set out on our ride. We headed around Verde Valley School Rd and jumped on the Baldwin Trailhead (just past where the pavement ends) and road that trail around to Cathedral Rock Trail. After rolling on those trails, we crossed the highway and made a run down Mystic (off of Chapel Rd), and then we did another climb up the road to Broken Arrow Trail.

The cloud layer didn’t take long to burn off. Man, I think the media did an awesome job yesterday convincing tourist that the closure of I-17 wasn’t gonna be worth the trek to Sedona. There really wasn’t the normal weekend traffic on the trails.

The trails here really don't have the major climbs you find at most trail systems in AZ, because Sedona is buffeted by Wilderness. The trails offer tons of neato free riding, and some technical riding, but for the most part they are just trails to ride. The draw for me is the amazing views around the Sedona. Places the tourist, just won't see can easily be accessed on Mountain Bike.

Anycow, here's vid of the day:

Here's a pick, Ramshackle took of me riding the slick rock!
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