Mar 13, 2008

Horseback Riding - South Mountain (Phoenix)

It was a beautiful morning, and it was my wife's Birthday, so we headed around to the other side of South Mountain for a little horseback tour with Ponderosa Stables. We showed up about 9:30, but the it took us until about 11:00. It was really busy, but it was pretty chill.

My wife's ridden a bunch, but I had only been on a horse once, and that was well over 20 years ago. I had Beavis and she had Guinness, and we were at the end of the line of nearly a dozen other riders.

The tour tromped us around the little sandy trails I wouldn't be caught dead biking on or walking on either. But on a horse it was pretty kewl. We gotta see the really neat rock formations and saguaro cactus with out all the effort. We did see a roadrunner, but other than that no other wildlife. No galloping, just a bunch of dust.

Here's a short vid of the ride:

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