Mar 8, 2008

Alta: South Mountain - Phoenix

Six of us met up at San Juan Lookout in South Mountain Park (the gate was is open on the weekends during the month of March), for a little gnar on Alta. We set out at 8:30 on the tame section of National (about 2 miles???) until we intersected back in with San Juan road. From there we continued on the east side of the ridge, per the road, to the Alta Trailhead.

The climb up was pretty brutal, but went surprisingly fast. Not to much pain. There was a little cloud cover in the morning, so it felt a little humid. Any excuse to explain why I was sweating.

Pretty amazing trail though, both because of the the views and technical skills it requires.

Steep pitches, big time exposed ledges, loose rocks the come outta no where, and wicked switchbacks.

Superstition and Poiboy ruled the day with their downhill skills, those dudes can ride.

I actually had two over-the-handlebar crashes, that left me riding away, saying "how'd that happen???". It's not like I wasn't nailing sections fifty times more technical, compared to what was putting me down on these OTBs.

Anycow, here's a vid of the day:

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