Oct 13, 2012

Rio Verde Adventure Day - Mountain Biking and Kayaking

Had a nice duo sport adventure day out in Rio Verde area, that combined some mountain biking on some new (to me) trails with some buds and then a short (3 mile) float down the Verde. It is kind of a hike from my place to the Rio Verde area about an hours drive, for a 2.5 hour ride, so I tossed my bike in the car, just in case I had some energy left for self supported rip down some new to me section of the Verde. I basically said that in the prior sentence, but you get what I mean. Ray-Ray, Nancy and Jeffro (all single speed crazies) met up at the Lone Mountain TH to pedal the Pima-Dynomite trail system at 8:00. The temps were comfy, and the normal sandy trails were still packed down from the heavy rains in the area two days prior. Perfect conditions. Nancy lead us on a nice 2.5 hour tour, that lead us around Lone Mountain, thru some whooped-dee-doo infested trail. Pretty fun. Even rolled down a nice long slab of granite. Fun stuff fo sho, but I'd say that this is a hard tail designed trail. The whoops really punished my suspension. After that I drove the 4 or 5 miles down the hill to Box Bar and stage my bike there for, so I shuttle back up to my car after floating down the river. I then drove on up to Needled Rock. The float down from Needle Rock was short as I mentioned, but really scenic. The flow was pretty low, only about 100 cfs. I actually missed the channel in two place and had to get out and tow my kayak to deeper water. Since the water comes down from Bartlett lake it, it is amazingly clear. Fishes were everywhere. Even saw a few horses. Only a few riffles on this section, and definitely no gnar. The float down only took about 50 minutes, and pedal back up to the car took about 15. I dig the area! Anycow, here is a vid of the day:

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