Oct 6, 2012

2012 Hot Head Regatta - Tempe Town Lake

I certainly aint into racing, but I just thought I'd bust out the old (and neglected) touring kayak for a lap on the Hot Head Regatta Race on Tempe Town Lake. It was actually a pretty kewl event, with tons of racing classes. Although I was the only recreational kayaker in my class, so I was both first place and last. The stand up paddler boards started their lap first, followed up by the recreational kayaks, then the hobie pedal boats, the the racing kayaks, then a series of racing shells, and racing canoes, and dragooon boats. My heat started a few minutes after 7:00 am, and the conditions were perfect. The sun had just come up and the winds were no existent. I paddled fast, finishing up the 3 mile course in 30:12, so I beat all 4 of the pedal boats, go crushed (by 7 minutes) by the 1st place racing kayak, but I wasn't all that far behind the 2nd place racing kayak. Not bad, considering my boat aint made to do this. Run with what you brung. I wish I could hung out longer, but I had to split to help out at the food bank for a few hours. Once that obligation was said and done, I made my was back to Tempe Town Lake to drink gallons of beer at the Fat Tire Ale Tour de Fat. This isn't the most entertaining video, but it the google earth route is mildly interesting:

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