Jan 22, 2011

Quadruple Bypass - McDowell Mountains

Okay, allow me to start this ride review with a couple of apologizes.

1) Thank you everybody for allow me shove a my camera in your face. Your patience is much appreciated.
2) I didn't have bad gas yestaday, but rather that ripping sound was my tire buzzing on my front derailleur every time I my suspension compressed.:madman: Very annoying, I know. I need to figure out some sort of mod so my 650B wheels don't do this.

This was my fourth Quadruple Bypass in 5 year history of this social ride, and here is the MTBR thread.

Anycow, it was a great day out on the trail. And the clowns at the back of the bus had a great sufferfest. I've done a few of these, not to get all dorky on the scene here, but the encouragement of finishing is equally given as it is received. Well played to the 6 person trail sweeper team.

Big thanks to WaltAZ and CoyoteKis for the support at the beginning, middle and end. That was freaking ahsum, and thanks for waiting for our sorry a$$e$ to finish. Walt, you need to stop making excuse for not riding Quadruple Bypass, and CoyoteKis you will not be called 'Diesel' until you get back on your bike.

Utter than my tire on derailleur issues and one Tom29 having a case of the flats, us slow pokes really had no mechanical issues. Suhweet!:thumbsup:

Sure there many, many harder rides than this, but for a chump like myself, it is a pretty big challenge. To be honest, I felt pretty good all day; way better than last years edition. Shoot, I drank less than 150 OZ of water, only a 1.5 qts of gatorade, on snickers, two goo's and an apple. I had a nice burrito in pack, but didn't bother eating it (I need to go out to my car and grab it before some serious ickiness happens).

Great weather too, although I had my lungs from all the crap in the air. I had some pretty painful coughing fits after the ride.

Those two doods from Colorado just made us look silly finishing the ride in sumpin like 4:40, and big ups to the riders who did the Gnardruple. The Gnardruple doods started at the same time as everybody else, but caught up the stragglers at Bell Pass. And then there is Chollaball, the only dood that I know of that has ridden each 'Annual Quadruple Bypass Ride' who started half hour later than everybody else and caught up to us at Bell Pass. Guts awards to you all.
I know, I know the song is kinda of a trite anthem, but it seemed to touch on the emotional feel of the ride for me, at least.

Here's a vid of the day:

And here is an interactive Google Earth tour:

Here a some write ups of some my past Quadruple Bypass Rides

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