Jan 30, 2011

IKEA Ordning Kitchen Timer -Panning Time Lapse 2.0

Here's my latest kitchen timer - panning time lapse 2.0.

My utter one only last for 2 or 3 video, before it got buggy and would stop turning. It was unbalance, so when it would lean the mechanism would get caught.

Anycow, I went out on search for a better timer, so I went to the Amazon page and search for mechanical kitchen timers and stumble upon IKEA's Ordning kitchen timer.

What I liked about it was that is had nice flat surfaces on the top and bottom for attaching the Gopro quick mount and and a 1/4" nut on the bottom for a tripod.

It also looked fairly balanced, and didn't have awkward edges that would cause this fine piece of Swedish ingenuity from getting messed up in my bag.

It was cheap and it didn't look stupid. I did haveta go to deep into the bowels of the IKEA on a Saturday. That is messing with death, but I wasn't too bad. I easily found this contraption, and was out the door. At $5.99, you can't beat it.

I kinda with I could disable the alarm bell, but I aint gonna tear this thing apart just for that. I tried to do it on my last one, and the spring came unsprung.

I simply ruffed up the bottom and dabbed on some two-part epoxy and stuck on a 1/4" nut for the tripod mount. Then I took one of my spare quick sticky Gopro mounts and stuck that on. There! Project done!

This might possibly be the worlds worst time lapse video, but here's how it works:


Cracked Headtube said...

NO WAY WAS THAT THE WORST TIME LAPSE vid. I love the ingenuity!! Smooth movement too. Good job.

u2metoo said...

Thanks, Cracked!

Man, I dig your 650bpalace site!