Feb 27, 2010

Picketpost Mtn - Superior, AZ

Had a nice little roll one Picktpost yestaday with surfndav. The drive my place in Phoenix to Superior was just about an hour. Here is link to Epicrider's map of the area: Picketpost.

Real nice trail, except for I kinda led us off in the wrong direction from the beginning. I wasn't paying to close attention as we took the jeep road up for the first mile or so.

Mental Note #73: Take the trail to about 20 feet to the east of the gate, not the trail behind the gate. I shoulda looked at the map before I hit the trail.

Mental Note #74: If you skip Mental Note #73 you can tie back into the trail when you the jeep road takes you down to the creek. Just follow the creek DOWN (not up) about quater mile and you get back to the trail.

We were a little bit concerned about getting rained on, so we turned around when we got to Telegraph Canyon Rd.

It was uber green out there, and it was nice to see a little water in the creeks. We stopped and checked out a nice little grotto, perhaps this was Trough Spring???

I was actually kinda tired when I pealed myself off the trail. It wasn't all that demanding, but I was pedaling a my 37 lbs Reign X.

Here is a little vid of the ride:

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