Feb 4, 2010

GoPro Chesty Testy - National: South Mountain Park

I picked up a little accessory for my GoPro Helmet Cam: Wide today for some new angles.

The Chest Mount Harness will allow me to film the forward action along with the my handlebars/hands to give a little more perspective on what is going on during a ride.

Other than some aiming issues, it worked great. The added bonus is that I can monitor the camera far more easily than when it is mounted on my helmet. I no longer need to yank off my helmet to turn the camera on and off.

I will either grow my belly bigger or add spacer behind the mount to point the camera up a little bit. Easy fix.

Here is short vid of me rolling down National with the Chesty (be patient, I maxed out the bitrate, so buffer might be a bit slow):

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