Oct 12, 2009

Canyon Lake Paddle

What better way of celebrating the Columbus Day holiday, but with a little voyage. I rolled outta my driveway at 5:30 am, an hour later I was at the Acacia Picnic Site. After dinking around with my camera, I was on the water at 7:00 am.

Like anybody I else, I prefer this lake with no traffic, but unfortunately this wasn't going to happen today. Boats were already buzzing around, when I launched. Not bad for most of the day, but my return was a little choppy.

This was my second play day in row, so didn't make it to the end of the lake. I ended up turning around a little ways past Blue Tank Cove. This filming stuff takes lotsa time, so my tour ended up taking about 5 hours.

I saw a pair of eagles moments after I launched, but never saw them after that. I was kind of tripped out though, cuz I swear I saw a roadrunner flying between a small gap of rocks. I tried to film her, but I was just too slow.

Other than the activity on the lake, it was a great paddle.

Here's a vid of my paddle:

Here's a one minute Google Earth Tour of my route:


Dan said...

I dig all your videos but the two I've seen on the lakes are just awesome. They've inspired me to learn to kayak.

u2metoo said...

Thanks Dan. I just added your blog as something I'll be checking out frequently.

FraSiec said...

Wow, how long did you have to keep the camera going to get the last shot? Looks like at least an hour, but hard to say.

u2metoo said...

hahahaha, the last shot was about 20 minutes of taping, but I just looped it a few times.