Mar 30, 2009

Mountain Bike Film Festival in Marin Video Submission

Mountain bike superstar and advocate, Michael Yares, was looking for some short videos of some of the trails here in Arizona for the Mountain Bike Film Festival in Marin. So I thought I'd gather a few of my favorites.

I humbly admit, I know next to nothing about video compilation stuff, but I can certainly see my progression since last year.

I embeded the Quicktime High Res and will take a couple of minutes to play - links to these vids in quick playing flash format are below.

Here are my top 5 :

Goat Camp - White Tank Mountains - Phoenix, AZ:

Fat Man's Pass - South Mountain Park - Phoenix, AZ:

Double Bypass - McDowell Mountain Preserve - Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, AZ

Black Canyon Trail - Black Canyon City, AZ

Geronimo - South Mountain Park - Phoenix, AZ

For Quick Playing Flash Format:
Goat Camp

Fat Man's Pass

Double Bypass

Black Canyon Trail

Geronimo - South Mountain

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