Mar 21, 2009

Arizona Spring Fling - Sedona, AZ

This morning, Chongoman and I hit the road at 6:30 for Sedona for a MTBR Spring Fling ride. Bob lead Wendy, Jim, Dan, Rick, Greg and I on nifty loop around the Sedona hot spots.

Our general route was Baldwin, Templeton, H.T. Trail, Mystic, Broken Arrow, and LLama. It was an awesome day on the trail as temperatures were mild, and the sun was out.

I had a couple of small mishaps that kinda disrupted my flow. 1) I dropped my camera, and a thick coating of dust clogged up the lens cover. 2)I had nifty over-the-handlebar fall, actually it was more of a bale. 3) My buckle on my shoe lost a crucial bolt, but I found it so all is good.

I took the free riding pretty easy, but Chongoman and Dan really stepped it up.

A high-res Quicktime Version can be found here: AZSF Sedona 3/21/09


Billy Befoot said...

Sweet Vid was good to see you out there...I like how the Sub rock vortex takes you right to Bike and cool is that!


u2metoo said...

ah yeah gretat to see you too.

Kewl, you caught the vortex effect.

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