Jul 21, 2008

Fat Man's Pass: South Mountain - Phoenix, AZ

South Mountain showed me a different side today, as we took an alternative route down using Fat Man's Pass, or Phat Man's Pass.

We started the ride off from DurtGurl's house at 5:45 under cloudy skies. The humidity was prolly about 60%, so it was pretty nasty. Our group consisted of DurtGurl, Chongoman, AZMike, Juan, Carmen and Lynette. And once we got to the Pima Canyon Lot, we picked up bike=good and Mykhelle.

We strolled on up Mormon Loop and then on up National to the pass before, Buena Vista. The we strapped on the armor, and blasted down. Lynette, mangled here dérailleur, just before the waterfall. I'd never seen on so twisted. Mykhelle, pulled it off and we continued on to the Hidden Valley trail, for a little free riding. Well not so much free riding for me, but Mykhelle, Chongoman, Carmen and Lynette, put on a show rolling of the big time boulders. Pretty neato day.

Update: Durtgurl posted up another write up and vid located here:

Here's a vid:

A High Res Version can be found here!


chollaball said...

nice Sam! look forward to the next time we hook up and you showing me some of the new stuff.

u2metoo said...

...fo sho, CB! I've ridden bye Fat Man's Pass a bazillion times, but never ventured down Hidden Valley. Pretty kewl stuff down there.

tims said...

Great video Sam.. like the cam setup, that shot of Bob at the start was hilarious!

Awesome riding, made my palms sweat watching it


u2metoo said...

heeheehee, that cracked me up too.

those guys and gals threw it down.