Jul 5, 2008

4th of July on National: South Mountain - Phoenix

Maybe it isn't such a good idea to start a ride off at 7:30 am in July. We got about a quarter inch of rain the night before, so it was really steamy, and way uncomfortable. 'eatdrinkride', his buddy Ted, and I road up to the pass just before Buena Vista on National yesterday.

The heat was rather oppressive. I climbed some of the difficult sections, while stumbling on the really easy stuff on the way up. I did manage to clear the upper 'waterfall' on my first try.

On the way down, I did a good job on the spine of the waterfall, and I lined myself up well for the rock-garden at the end of the run out, but I ended up bashing my front disk brake rotor on a rock. So out came the leatherman to bend it back into shape, or at least so I could spin the wheel around. Time for a new rotor. Boooo Hisss! At that point I took it pretty cautious on the way down.

I didn't bust out the camera much today, considering it was way to hot to dink around shooting and my rotor was all messed up. I'm a big dork, cuz I snaked a few distorted pictures of Johnny Rotten from one of my favorite websites Distortrait, and dropped into my vid:


Distortrait said...

Happy 4th of July. Thanks for liking Distortrait. You did a great job with Johnny :o) Your cool to use Distortrait images because you leave my tag on the pics. great site keep up the good work and we wil see you soon. Cheers Distortrait

u2metoo said...

...thanks Distortrait!

ETSX Rider said...

Happy 4th thanks for the post on mine I am jealous though wish I was out there riding in the desert with ya! keep in touch hopefully I will be Posting that I won my Group for the GSC series after the Pig Race on August 3rd.

u2metoo said...

...coolio, Chris.

I mentioned you and your blog in a recent post on MTBR, so perhaps you noticed a little PHX traffic coming your way.