Jun 8, 2008

Riding Prescott, AZ

Got some riding up in Prescott today with a stack of 15 other MTBR riders today. We meet up at a the outa business Chinese restaurant behind Costco at 8:00 and then shuttle our bikes to the other side of town near Granite Basin. Not your ordinary shuttle though, because I think we actually started lower than our ending point. As Dave, Ionmuse, put it; "today is the anti-shuttle".

The temps were nice, and being back into trees again was neato. We kicked off from the parking lot at about 9:00, and from the beginning, the trail numbers became a blur. We basically did a a semi-circle around Prescott. The trails were pretty tame, except we managed to do a lot of climbing.

A few minor hangs up happend, but the we did have a pretty serious crash around mile number 21, where Kennith from Prescott had a high speed crash on a rutted out jeep road. He hid really hard, and bashed up his face and shoulder pretty bad.

At this point, we got back down the Highway, and made some phone calls to see if he could picked up and taken back into town. And this kinda killed the mojo for me and bunch of other riders, so some Helimech, a Prescott local, called in for support, and had is wife pick us for the trip back to our cars. A few hardy soles did manage to complete the full meal deal, but I ended up with about 23 miles and 4,400 vf of climbing.

Anyhow, here's vid of the day and a link for other pics:

And for the patient, here's a high res - Prescott, AZ Ride Quicktime Version (it'll take about 4 or 5 minutes to load up)

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