Jun 28, 2008

Baking on National

A crew that consisted of CactusJoe, Bike=Good, Chongoman, Durtgurl, Daugela, Yuri and I did a ride up Javelina, Mormon Loop and National this morning. I had a really great climbing day the other day, but for some reason, that confidence was spoiled by a skipping my in my favorite gears, poor nutrition the day before (including one too many beers), fatigue from this weeks workouts, and the heat. Don't get me wrong this was an excellent ride, but I wasn't totally on.

I've been having a tough time on the spine of the waterfall, and after about half dozen trips down it, I finally figured out that with my lefty, I need to hit it with much less speed and more control.

I left my camera on the day before, so I had no battery left. However, DurtGurl caught a bunch of really neat shots.

Here's her Vid:

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