May 24, 2008

Mormon Trail: South Mountain - Phoenix, AZ

I don't think of Phoenix as having extreme weather, but I say this last week was interesting. It was a record setting 110 degrees on Monday (I think Tuesday too), and then a day later the high was around 55 degrees. We had a pretty good dump of much needed rain yesterday and this morning was kinda wet, gray and cool. Very comfortable conditions.

Chongoman and I met up met up at the Ramadas at the Pima Canyon Parking lot for a little roll up Mormon Loop and bashfest down Mormon Trail.

We originally plan to hit Mormon Trail (proper), but his for was leaking air. Once we got up to the top of Mormon Loop, I suggested we exit stage right down Mormon Trail. I was thinking he could just walk down the big drop sections. But the kidz got mad skillz, he road darn near the whole thing on hardtail 29r while a malfunctioning fork.

I didn't vid much today, and Chongoman snapped a few pics. And he just happened to be snapping a pic when I was going over the handle bars. Drat!

Here's the pic of me eating it!

Anycow here are few pics of Chongoman:

Here are a couple pics of me rolling a techy section:

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