May 12, 2008

Family Trip to the Grand Canyon

Liz, Ellie and I jumped in the car earlier Saturday morning for a little family get together at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We got there about 1:00, and met up with my dad, Aunt Vickie, Aunt Mickie, Uncle Walter, Cousin Cheryl and her husband, Ryan, and their son Jack Ryan. The weather was awesome, low seventies. Nice change up from the heat in Phoenix.

They camped at Trailer Village in the park, and Walter flamed up a huge stack of burgers. TASTIE!

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, Ellie, Liz check out of our hotel and made our way back into the national park to meet up with the crew again. And from there we jumped in our rigs drove up to The Desert View Watchtower. Dad hadn’t been feeling so hot the past few days, so he decided to opt out from the rest of the camping trip and head back to Phoenix with us.

Here's a link to a High Resolution version: Grand Canyon H264 Quicktime


Jason oshop said...

Finally made it! Nice work!

u2metoo said...

Hey JRock!

I passed by the AZ Trail Trailhead, and now I can picture where you started your ride to Flagstaff at.

Later Gator!