Jan 22, 2008

Snowbowl - Flagstaff, AZ

My original plan heading up was to just skin around the resort and ski the corduroy, but once I got up there I was beckoned to see if I could find another route up to the ridge.

I had a couple of way points set in my gps, and one of ‘em was the Bomber crash site. To get there I went in the general direction of the Humphreys trail. Once I got to the trees I could tell the snow was in pretty crappy shape and I couldn’t find my way thru the glades to the Dutchman slope (I think I was just south of the slope). There were a couple of descending tracks, but nothing heading up. I thought I was on the right path cuz the trees had been tapped. But my bread crumb trail disappeared, so once I got to the 10,500 foot level I ripped off my skins and headed back down. Besides I didn’t really have anything to eat other than a measly Cliff Bar.

From there I dropped off my shovel and stuff off at the car and skinned back up to the top of Agassiz chair. I was kinda hurting once I got up there. My boots were killing me, I was outta gas, and my head was rocking from the altitude. But all in all the groomers were kinda fun, and it was a good fitness day.

The little bit of vid I took was pretty bad.

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