Jan 19, 2008

Mormon Trail - South Mountain

My neighbor just added a new shock and fork to his bike, so we decided to do a little shake down ride on South Mountain. We entered the park at the Pima Canyon lot around 10:15, and it was so packed we couldn't get a parking spot. At that point we decided to head down to the 46th street entrance. We rode up Javalina, and then tied into Mormon Loop. On the way up we discussed the idea of coming down Mormon Trail instead of National. I've been riding South Mountain a year and half, and I haven't been down it yet. Mind you, Mormon Trail and Mormon Loop are not the same thing.

We continued on up National to the Waterfall, where we dragged our bikes up for a little thrill on the Waterfall. I've been working on coming down the shoot and I've got it pretty much down, and my buddy decided today would be a good time to give it a shot. Once all the Boy Scouts had cleared outta the way we road the bronco down. Standing on top of The Waterfall is really intimidating, but it's a thrill to ride.

We made our way back down National to the Mormon Trail intersection. I knew this trial was gonna be gnarly, but it was an extreme blast. Loads of drops and boulders and tight turns. About half way down, I see my neighbors rear tire unexpectedly leave fly up and over. After hearing his reply that he's okay, I find myself flying in slow motion over my handle bars. With my feet still plugged into my pedals I land hard on a boulder. It was a pretty exposed fall, but all I ended up with was a banged up right palm, and a bashed right shifter. I think both will survive.

I didn't witness, my buddy's second OTB accident, but I fully understand how it happened. It happened because this trail has tons drops and sneaky boulders.

With our arms fully fatigued from bashing down the trail we made our way down to the 24th street parking lot. From there we followed the road and canal back to the 46th street parking lot, where we started our adventure.

I love this trail.

Here's a short vid of the Waterfall

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