Aug 28, 2007

HeliPad - South Mountain (Phoenix)

I like to do this ride during the mid-week before work, because it has a fun downhill section and it only takes about an hour. I didn't snap any foto's but I did catch the tail end of the Lunar Eclipse this morning when I jumped on the trail at O-Dark-Thirty.
Here is a vid coming off the HeliPad; just outside of South Mountain Park. This trail is a short variation off of the Desert Classic trail. It wiggles its way down the the ridge back down to the floor of the park. I filmed this using with Helmet-Cam 1.0 (basically a $75 DV camcorder dropped into a plastic electrical outlet box zipped tied to my helmet) So buckle in and take your dramamine cuz this is a bumpy ride with no camera stabilization.

This vid was filmed a couple of days ago just below the HeliPad, near the end of Desert Classic. That's why it looks just about the same as the the first clip of this post. It's short and it doesn't having a bunch of shaky camera work, but it does have a rattlesnake at the end. ooooh!

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Jason said...

nice toys. I know what conversation we're having on the next ride...